Central Valley's #1 choice for Premium Specialty Sandwiches since 1995.


  • Finally tried this place after seeing all the great yelp reviews. We were definitely not disappointed. Excellent food, wonderful clean environment...

       ~Jason G - Yelp Reviewer

  • ...there's a new Deli Delicious in town!  The freshness and quality is AMAZING and at a VERY reasonable price!

      ~Tammi B - Yelp Reviewer

  • Lots of meat, loads of extras that aren't charged extra.  Love the roast beef on sourdough.  The meat is pink and full of flavor.  YUM!!

    ~ Leslie G - Yelp Reviewer 

  • Love the sandwiches here. My husband was stoked with how much they actually put on your sandwich. They def dont skimp out on anything.

    ~ DeAnna R - Yelp Reviewer 

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