Our Story

Our dedication to fresh, hearty, and wholesome food began in Fresno, CA in the early 1990’s when we took over a little restaurant called Deli Delicious. Friendly service, the freshest produce, premium quality deli meats, and that special bread you can only get at Deli Delicious go a long way. Always happy to greet you and make you a delicious lunch our family won over customers one at a time with premium deli sandwiches made-to-order. After a few years, one restaurant wasn’t enough to meet popular demand so we opened a second location, and then a third, and the rest is history. Experience Deli Delicious at one of our many restaurants around California.

Fan Favorites

It’s not just delicious – it’s Deli Delicious! Deli Delicious has won the People’s Choice Award for Best Sandwich Shop nine years in a row, 2009-2017. Try a one of our fan favorites– the #44 Chipotle Chicken. That’s tender white meat chicken breast marinated in our special blend of savory spices and grilled to mouthwatering charfection by grill masters at each restaurant. See what all the fuss is about – visit Deli Delicious today and try one of our cold, hot, or specialty sandwiches.

The Deli-D Brand

Our brand has really matured over the years and turned into something special that we’re all very proud of. Stylish quick-service restaurants that serve sandwiches, salads, soups, and French fries; among other items. We realized it was time to expand outside of Fresno when fans started asking how to get their own restaurant and, thus, Deli Delicious evolved into a franchise system in 2008. As we grow, we continue to focus on preparing fresh, hearty, and wholesome food, that’s made-to-order because that’s what we’re known for and that’s what brings people back to Deli Delicious.

Our Commitment

We‘re committed to the delivery of excellence in both service and quality at all of our restaurants and to promoting the growth of our franchise system. We embrace and encourage diversity amongst our employees and franchisees and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics when it comes to relationships with our franchisees, purveyors, employees, and, of course, our customers.